Beating Winter Depression…With Strawberries

Winter depression comes every year. In high school my grades dropped significantly. The dark winters in Sweden left me aching for sunshine. In the past few years here in England, I have spent two winters pregnant with HG. I am determined to beat winter depression. I am promising myself to focus on all things good, count my blessings and overcome the sadness that has so often ensnared me.

In order to do this, I have been inspired to do as my darling Elena has also set out to do, make a plan! Find hers on her lovely blog, catching confetti.

Taking on board this genius idea of hers, I have made a plan for myself. I will LOOK at all things beautiful, I will LISTEN to all things uplifting and I will WRITE about all things good in my life.

Whenever I start to feel down, I am often immediately met by guilt. Guilty that I am low when I have so much to be happy and grateful for.

Besides all the other good things I love about my life at the moment, today I am thinking about strawberries. They are cheerful, beautiful, refreshing and sweet.

I am reminded of the time my friend and I sat on the side of a road in Greece and ate a punnet of strawberries. Good times.

This is quite the inspiration and a must-do craft at some point this winter! Strawberry painted rock magnets!

I absolutely adore mason jars. Mason jar + strawberries + plaid = perfection!

(all photos via pinterest)

This winter is the first of many where happiness will conquer depression. That’s the goal. I’ll let you know who won in spring 🙂 xx


2 thoughts on “Beating Winter Depression…With Strawberries

  1. What a fantastic idea, I am going to have to try this as well, as I get pretty depressed in our long winters here too. I love the outlook you are having, keep it up! I LOVE strawberries too!! We actually live next to a farm that has pick your own strawberries every June and we always go! I will have to try making those cute strawberry rock magnets what a great idea!! Here is hoping for a happy winter, hugs!

    • Hi jennifer! maybe we can make them together with all the kids?! i am so excited to go to ohio. cant wait to take ethan to chuck e cheese! yes i am still having yucky flashbacks from last winter being sick as heck. still cant eat certain foods or drinks! i want a happy winter this year! thanks for your comment! xx

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