My Universe Revolves Around Them

It is not hard to know what my life is centered around. What (or who) I am always looking at. My focus every moment of the day revolves around my Ethan Smethan and my Axel Baxel. It is obvious, because I am always taking pictures of them.

I have hundreds of photographs of my kids, and it has only been just over two years! On Facebook I have several albums, my iPhoto is full of pictures and my instagram application again is full of my boys. Sometimes I wonder, what was I looking at before I had kids? I hardly remember.

How quickly life changes when you become a mother. And even though I am always watching my kids, noticing what they do and how they do it, how quickly they grow and I am desperate to not miss anything. Afraid I will miss their ‘first’ of something. I am their mother, I am their witness so that I can re-tell their tales when they are older. Today, Ethan ate his first booger. I saw it happen! See? As gross as that sounds, I am excited that I got to be here with him when it happened. And I know my son well enough to know that it was truly his first time because it was kind of an accident. He always wants me to wipe his nose when he sneezes snot and as I was bending over to get it, it slipped into his mouth! It disappeared into the dark abyss of his mouth. I never saw it again. I gave him a cookie in case it tasted bad. He wasn’t phased. Boys.

I did a degree in creative writing and I was encouraged to start a blog so that others could read what I write. Although I have lots of ideas in my head, I seem to keep wanting to write about my kids. And how I feel about them as their mother. These otherwise meaningless things that happen are actually milestones in my eyes. Each new thing they learn is a great achievement and I feel proud of them! Today was also the first day Ethan put on his wellie boots by himself on the correct feet! Soon he will be dressing himself and I am already missing him needing his mommy. Sitting in my lap while I do everything for him.

It must be in a woman’s nature to take care of and nurture these darling little ones. My heart has never been so soft and my tears have never come so quick until they came into my life. They turned me into mush! But I love them for it.

You know a person by what you see in their eyes. In my eyes, or through them, this is what I see, what I am always looking at, these boys are the centre of my universe. x

Axel "Baxel"

Ethan "Smethan"


6 thoughts on “My Universe Revolves Around Them

  1. so beautiful!
    Nancy, jag älskar hur du beskriver dina känslor! och fotografierna är helt ljuvliga!!! LOVE all of you! längtar efter att ses snart! ❤

    • jag saknar dig saaaaa mycket! min man har lovat att vi aker till sverige for jul nasta ar! fingers crossed att det hander! love you xx

  2. Firstly, your children are adorable. Secondly, your way with words is beautiful. A mutual, friend sent me a link to your blog and I’m glad he did, I will enjoy reading your posts and your outlook on motherhood!

    • thank you for your comment! i am so glad you enjoy it! knowing people are reading helps me keep going so thank you x

  3. Your boys are SO cute Nancy!! I hope you are doing well!! I replied to your last facebook message and then I temporarily deactivated my account while I get some trials in order in my life but I will get back on eventually, but I just wanted to make sure you got that message. We have a blog too you can check out, its

    • hi jenny! yes i did get the message and tried to reply only to notice you were not there anymore 😦 i read your blog too, i am just rubbish at commenting (guilty look on my face). i hope to see you at christmas. you will be in our prayers xx

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