The Screaming Child

There is always that one household in the neighbourhood where the kids are always screaming and anyone who walks by wonders “WTH?” Is the mom beating her kids or what?

I realised the other night, that in my neighbourhood, that household is me. I reassure you, I am not beating my kids. I will tell you WTH is going on.

I was changing his nappy.

I took his shoes off.

His toy got stuck.

He was getting a bath.

He was pooping.

The ice cream truck hasn’t come yet.

He is screaming because he thinks it is funny.

YouTube wasn’t loading fast enough.

I didn’t give him his bottle quick enough.

The chair wouldn’t move.

He woke up from his nap.

He is standing on a chair giving a speech.

And a whole other lot of nonsense reasons.

This goes along with my previous post about not judging mothers.

I love my kids and I hope that one day they will be happy. x


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