Everyone Should Have A “Dayna” In Their Life


Dayna and her husband Chris

Being a teenager is no easy task. Being a teenager in high school is hard. Being a teenager, in high school, and being the NEW KID IN CLASS, is the worst. If you’re lucky, like I was, there will be someone there to help you along. Everyone should have a Dayna in their life.

Being NEW is very challenging. When I moved high schools, I was very unhappy. I had left behind lifelong friends, a school I loved, a neighbourhood I loved, everything I loved felt gone. As I sat in my new classes, surrounded by new classmates, teachers, and a new school culture, I was at the mercy of others’ acceptance. And the dreaded question that hangs over every new kid’s head- Where and who should I sit by at lunch? Has anyone taken their lunch to the restroom and eaten in a stall to avoid the humiliation of eating alone? And then, there is that one person.

She walks right up to you and says, “sit with us!” and you do. Because she said it like she knew what she was talking about. She knows where you belong so you let her guide you. She takes you under her wing. Introduces you to everyone, quickly lets you know where NOT to be, and updates you on the latest gossip within five minutes. She also makes sure you both think the same guys are hot.

She becomes your friend. You now feel a bit more secure by having a place in this new world that still makes no sense, and as long as she is there next to you, you feel safe in her care. I will never forget her kindness and forever thank God for blessing me with her.

I am grateful to all those dear friends I have made through the years who have opened their hearts and befriended me. I am 30 years old and have had about 30 addresses to my name since the age of 4. I believe in the saying that God places people in our life at certain times when we needed them. And then we choose to keep them. Or they choose to keep us.

The best part is knowing that I can look back, 14 years later, and say, Dayna was being a true friend because she is still my friend.


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