3 Things To Inspire… Me To Be A Better Person

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There have been lots of staircases in my dreams. And clocks. I would rather self analyse what it might mean instead of turning to a book. So for me, I am trying to reach greater heights. Progress to better-ment. And to not waste time. If I have little time to make life and myself better, I have lots to do. And lots to learn.

There is so much in life, we should be learning all the time. I often think of the people who have touched my life and taught me something vital. From how to achieve my goals, hold onto hope, love unconditionally, forgive without judgement or bitterness, or even practical things like the best pasta sauce recipe that I now make my family. All these people have helped me become who I am. But I know I can be better. I must be better.

This week I have found these 3 wisdoms that if applied, will help me take another step up.

1. One cannot hide behind their judgementality by calling it an “opinion.”

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2. We can have our own style, but it still should be modest and appropriate.

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3. Recognising that not everything that has happened in the past has to dwell in our present. Learn, let go and move on.

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