Change Is Around The Corner

out for lunch

Every night as part of our bedtime routine, we all lay on the bed and sing songs before we say a prayer with Ethan and then after “amen!” he knows to get in his crib. Tonight it was just the two of us. Tonight it dawned on me that soon it will be more of us. It is both exciting and a bit unnerving for me to think that it will never be like this again. I hope I can give my sons the individual attention they need.  I hope I will be able to adjust going everywhere as a package of three. I hope Ethan will love his new little brother. As the time draws nearer the due date, I am feeling more emotional about these changes.  Or maybe its the hormones, or maybe I need more sleep, who knows. I just know I love my little Ethan and I am already missing just being the two of us. x

One thought on “Change Is Around The Corner

  1. I love the PIC! You two are adorable!! Change is difficult and going to two children can be challenging, also very rewarding!!!! Call me if you ever need any supoort or encouragement! Love you guys

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