I May Be “Unemployed”, But I’m A Working Mom Too

(photo via flickr)

Last year I recall some comments made from random people about me being a stay-at-home mom. As if it was something easy. As if I were on holiday everyday.

Fellow stay-at-home moms reading this are probably already snickering. It is not easy. We sweat. Yes, we do sweat from all the things we have to do to run our home and chase our kids. Our shifts are long and often without breaks. Uninterrupted sleep is a luxury and not something we are entitled to. Meals do not cook themselves. Clothes do not wash themselves. Floors do not vacuum themselves. The list goes on. With kids, it is more than a full time job. Calling in sick does not exist. We just do what we can knowing our to do list just doubled missing a day. Maternity leave does not exist. Being heavily pregnant at the moment I find doing anything difficult.

However, I am not complaining. I am just saying. To whoever thinks it is easy, it’s not. BUT. There are perks. No one tells me when I can have my lunch break. There is no dress code. Dramas are kept within family and usually forgotten because there is love in families. One of my favourite things of being a stay-at-home mom is that I am exclusive to my husband. He’s the only man in my life, we love and appreciate each other. There is nothing worse than men treating you badly because you are a woman. I know I deserve respect. Everyone has a mother who suffered pregnancy and labour to give them their existence.

Someone once said that a woman can reach her highest potential within her home. I think it was Gordon B Hinckley who said it but I’m not 100% sure. Anyways, this inspired me because even though I am home, I still believe I have talents to develop and share with others. Again, forgive my memory, but I also remember a movie I saw years ago where a girl said, “I can be intelligent and be married too.” I love the blogosphere. So many at-home moms out there sharing themselves, their talents, and their insights with the rest of us. I may be big and pregnant and often in pain and tired (etc!) and not doing as much as I’d like career-wise but that’s fine. I have a family and home that keeps me very busy. I know where I am needed.

It is not easy this role, but I am glad it is my full time “occupation”.

PS- My dear friend Elena wrote a lovely excerpt about being a home mom, see her blog here


2 thoughts on “I May Be “Unemployed”, But I’m A Working Mom Too

  1. Hello Nancy, how are you doing? I understand you are heavily pregnant with your second baby, well, congratulations! I read through some of the notes in your archive and am impressed. You made me feel fulfilled of my motherhood, knowing that there is someone out there who knows the duty of a house manager. Well, good luck to you with your pregnancy and God bless you.
    Lots of love xx Patience.

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