Mamahood Taking Over My Brain

I know my last several posts have been about being a mom and babies. The last few weeks have been consumed with worry, sleepless nights, painful days, me constantly checking my to do list, marking important dates on the calendar, but most importantly trying to spend good quality time with my little one. It will never be just us two again. We will soon become a trio.

Whenever I heard parents say, “it’s amazing to watch them grow”, I now know what they mean. I have been reflecting on how much my Ethan has grown over the last 20 months and it truly is amazing. The smallest things make me so proud. Like when he obediently holds my hand as we walk together. Or when he initiates tidying up his toys before bed. He’s starting to sing along when we sing to him. When he feeds himself his yogurt, I don’t mind the mess at all. That smile of his is all I want. I am also impressed by the way he acts around other babies. He notices them and wants to touch them. He seems genuinely interested and caring. I think he will be a good big brother.

As for myself becoming a mom again, I was really nervous and worried and feeling overwhelmed but as the time draws nearer I am thinking more about this pregnancy coming to an end! I am so done being pregnant. Why does the last trimester drag so much? 38 weeks is a long time, but then I think, elephants are pregnant for two years! Eeeesh!

I am getting excited to see my family grow and it really does bring me an unspeakable joy, a feeling where there are no earthly words to describe it. Having my family and thinking about them first has helped me complain less about life as I am just full of gratitude. Yesterday someone said to me, “children are here for our sake” and I think he was right. Is there anything sweeter than a child who expresses their love for you by wanting to sit in your lap and cuddle, or a child who keeps coming back for hugs and kisses, or a child who just wants to lean on you. They melt my heart. I love it. xx


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