My Recent Attempt At Conversation

“How are things with you? (as I dismiss all conversational etiquette by avoiding eye contact as I watch my suspicious toddler like a hawk) Oh good, that sounds lovely- Stop! No! You know you are not allowed. So do you get to go often? What did I say? I said no didn’t I? Put it down. Good boy. I’ve not been there but I’ve heard all good things about it. I’d like to- Hello and how are you? What’s that? Yes, wheels. Watch the wheels go round and round. He loves wheels.”

Isn’t it great to be with people who know how to stop/continue conversation without being thrown by the interruptions?

Sometimes I wonder how much of a conversation I miss out on when I’m torn as referee to my son making sure he behaves well and being a part of a social circle. Sometimes I wish I could convince people I really did have a life before motherhood but then again, isn’t this a grand life? x


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