3 Things That Are Inspiring Me Into Mama-mode!

With only a short time left before the next little boy arrives, I am getting baby-anxious. Am I ready? I think so, I have everything I need since I am having another boy, but I still feel this baby deserves his own new stuff. Fun stuff. And it will keep the excitement on the up side of things. Plus. I want it all homemade.

Here are 3 of my favourite ideas:

(photo credit)

Decorate a frame (or leave it plain) and add a fun photo of him while he’s still so little. And then add his name under the photo like this. Which reminds me, we need to decide on a name!

(photo credit)

Must find time to sew! My mom is the queen quilter, but when I give it a go, the 9-patch is all I can do so this idea looks perfect. I am loving the boyish prints and colours of this rag quilt, I’d like to make a crib pocket organiser with this theme in mind.

(photo credit)

There is something timeless and charming about wooden alphabet blocks. Sitting on a shelf spelling out something fun would be oh. so. cute. With some books next to them. And a teddy bear. xx

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