Teaching My Son About Dating and Hygiene


Ethan before his date still in jammys!


My son is under 2 years old, BUT I can still teach him about dating. Perhaps not so much the moral aspect of it, that can and will obviously wait until it is relevant, but I want my son to start good habits now.

Sometimes we do playdates. I have a checklist in my head that I go through to make sure he is ready for his ladies in waiting. We start at the top.

freshly bathed.

combed hair.

smell nice via baby lotion.

clean ears.

bogie-free nose.

brush teeth.

cut nails.

fresh, clean nappy.

nice, clean clothes.

and a flower.

I remember dating in my younger years and we girls used to talk about guys and their hygiene- yes we did! Some of us notice everything, and I am positive guys do the same with us girls!

Dating is fun. And even better when hygiene doesn’t spoil it. And really, who doesn’t love getting a flower from their date? šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Teaching My Son About Dating and Hygiene

    • thanks kirstiie! i was seriously pondering the other week on how to start teaching my son HOW to be a gentleman, so i bought those little crafting flowers. i’ll know in 20 years if its paid off šŸ™‚

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