3 Ideas That Inspire an Escape

Maybe the travel bug is biting me again because the last few weeks I have been itching for a getaway. BUT my pregnant belly keeps me grounded right here at home. I dream everyday. And in these daydreams there is always a suitcase. I have suitcases but I want something more fun. And since I am not really going anywhere, something I can look at everyday to make me happy. Here is what I have found that has me wanting.

(via designsponge)

1. A suitcase just like me: ready to go but staying right here at home.


(via TheLightFantastic)

2. If I can’t literally go anywhere, my mind can still travel through a book.

(via SarahElizabeth)

3. Markets, finding, spending, reusing, and pretending all make me happy.


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