“How We Met”- Emma and Mike

I’d like to do a new series called “How We Met” where couples share their love stories. Don’t you love listening to how other couples met? How the fates crossed two people’s paths and cupid on standby ready with his arrow? I love gushing with other couples.

Here is Emma and Mike’s love story:

“Oh I just love my story it has so many twists and turns. Mike and I have known of each other for years. Back when I was a teen his sister and I were great friends, still are to this day. When I was younger I saw Mike as a shy and quite dorky guy, never really caught me eye. As we got older as paths seperated for a bit or so I thought. I started seeing someone in Akron who just so happened to be next door neighbors with an old HighSchool buddy. I didn’t know this before , but Mike had married my close friend from grade school. She and I had lost touch after graduation and I had lost touch with Mike’s sister after we graduated as well. So there I was dating Mike’s neighbor while he was married.

Life continued to throw Mike and I curve balls and soon we met again. I was returning to church after leaving for quite a few years. I saw a familiar face , actually two. Mike was at institute and so was his now ex-wife. I was shocked to hear they were no more but I can now say I was happy for myself. Mike was no longer that dork I knew a decade ago, life had changed him and had changed me. We began dating after a short period if just getting to know each other AGAIN. I moved away with my mother and the day I left, he said “hey I love you, and I blurted , I love ya too” and off I went, 4 months later I return to my hometown and we were married. It’s funny because our first day he proclaimed I will never be married again. HA! We had alot to overcome, his terminal illness, the challange of not being able to start a family without help and many more but we overcame that! We are happy with twins and are loving our life. We may not know when we will have to say goodbye , but Our love is eternal like our marriage and that gives me the happy ending I’ve always wanted :)

Love that last sentence! Congrats you guys!



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