3 Things That Inspire Me To Get Motivated

Admit it, sometimes we need a little help to motivate us to start a project, finish a to do list or get the vacuum out. Here are three things that “knudge” me to get moving and doing.


1. Paper. Notebooks. Of any kind. When it is in front of me, on my lap and pen in hand, I write write write. Anything and everything. Random words. Nice smelling words. Rhyming words. Emotional words. Love words. Paper to a writer is like a blank canvas to a painter, ready to tell a story.



2. Fabrics. Untouched. Ready to be patterned, cut, pinned, sewn, used and admired. Sometimes the fabric “tells” me what it wants to be. I have always loved touching fabrics; the soft, the velvety, the rough, the smooth, the sheery, the silky and the knitted. Love.



3. A clean kitchen. I am still a housewife/homemom and the kitchen is a very important place for me. When the kitchen is clean and uncluttered, I enjoy preparing a meal. Especially braving a new recipe requires a decluttered counter. Some lovely flowers help too.


(photos found here, here and here)



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