A Page In My Notebook

There is a page in my notebook that has a list. That list was written about 9 years ago while I was living in Sweden. I remember it was an early winter so I probably had a blanket over my shoulders huddled on the couch. The title of the page says, “People I Understand”. The list goes on for about a page and a half but I will only mention a fraction here.

-I understand the person who lives alone and longs to hear another’s voice.

-I understand anyone who has had their heart betrayed.

-I understand the crazy person who kicks the fence and doesn’t care who is watching.

-I understand the person who suddenly breaks down and shamelessly cries in public.

-I understand the person who happily wears outdated clothes.

-I understand why some people consider ending their life.

-I understand the woman who looks at a child and longs to hold one of her own.

-I understand why some people decide to stop talking to everyone for a while.

-I understand the bride-to-be who never saw the wedding she planned.

-I understand those who wonder about their next meal.

If we reflect on our experiences and challenges, we may come to know we can relate to more people than we realise. And when you say the words, “I understand”, those listening can feel you really do.


(photo found here)


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