I Have a Secret…Shhh, Don’t Tell

I wasn’t going to tell anyone  but….. I really shouldn’t but I have to tell someone…. I promised I wouldn’t tell so now YOU promise not to tell…. Oh, ooops! I think that was supposed to be a secret!

What is it about secrets that instantly makes our ears pop open and we want to be “in”? If everyone is whispering THE SECRET, then it’s really not a secret anymore. That always made me chuckle.

I recall having a friend over for dinner and we asked her something about herself to which she replied, “I don’t think I can answer that.” Instantly my mom said, “If it’s a secret, I don’t want to know!” I respect that response because really, we should respect other people’s privacy in everything.

Remember back when the biggest secret was who you were crushing on? Well, don’t tell anyone but…. I have a major crush on someone…. his name is Shaun Larson 🙂

(photo found here)


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