The Wonder of Being a Wife

Sometimes I feel insignificant, unseen and small in the world. But then I think, hold on, forget what the world makes me feel, I am a wife! And in my husbands eyes I am someone special, I have to be, he married me! So here are my reminders of the wonder of being a wife:

He looked at you and saw Forever.

It is you he goes Home to every night and wakes up to every morning.

You are The Woman who bore him sons.

More than a girlfriend, you are an Eternal Companion.

You witness the highs and lows of his life, the tears he supposedly doesn’t cry, and you show him Love each time.

He’s the silliest around you and you may even Laugh at that joke he’s said a hundred times!

There’s no one else you’d rather argue with because with him you Know how to win 🙂

When you’re sick in bed, he’s the one who brings home Flowers and sets it in your room.

You’re the First One he calls when something has happened.

Growing Old is a wonderful thing because as his wife you will still be by his side.

When he’s Thinking of love, you know he’s thinking about you, his Wife.


Here’s a lovely video about love and being a married a long time xx



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