Theory on Marriage

When love started to bloom...

You know that feeling when you get the perfect gift and you think, “wow this person really knows me” and you feel more connected somehow?

I have a theory on marriage. A wife and husband both benefit if the wife receives a present on a regular basis.

If my husband gives me a present often, it gives him the opportunity to NOTICE me; my likes and dislikes, my personality and style. He will show that he put in time, effort, thought and that he really knows ME.

I, as his wife, benefit as well because I will be happy to get lovely presents and feel so SEEN and loved. He will feel good to see me happy.

Tell me, what do you think of my theory?


and love continues to grow...

(Note to the reader: This is NOT to encourage maxed out credit cards, gifts do not have to cost or cost a lot. It is more a point of thought. AND my husband gives me the best presents ever 🙂)


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