Some Things Never Change


Ben and me

There are ten years between my little brother and me and even though I am now thirty, it is not easy to accept that he is twenty. I still often see the boy who always made me laugh, always gave me a hug, and was always by my side.

Sometimes when we think fondly of our family members there is so much one could say but where to start? Or which story to share? I love quoting the cute things the kids used to say.

After school one day as a teen I recall laying on my bed complaining to my siblings that I had never gotten flowers from a boy before. Then I asked Ben, who was about seven at the time, “if you were going to give a girl flowers, what would you give?” Straight away he replied, “white carnations with the pink tips.” Really? He had an answer that quick? I was impressed!

Years later, Valentines Day rolled around and I had no boyfriend, no date. Ben and I went to WalMart and with his arm around me he says, “Nancy, I am going to buy you anything you want ok? Just make sure it’s under ten dollars.”

Ben is my little brother. Ben has been taller than me for a long time. Ben was the best man at my wedding. Ben is now a Marine.

There is a special bond between us and no matter what happens during our lives, I know that some things never change.

Teaching Ben bubbles!


We share a love for shopping at Camden Market, we also share a dislike for waiting


Ben and me after the wedding


Ethan's first Christmas with uncle Ben

An American Marine



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