How a Little One Takes Care of His Mommy

It has been quiet several months here on the blog and recently I started to recover from the rough beginnings of my second pregnancy.

As I lay sick in bed, what felt like half death, I left my bedroom door cracked open and listened to the sounds in the living room. The sounds of a one year old opening and closing books, climbing up and down the couch and crashing his toys together. Every so often the little one would walk into my room, poke my eyes to make sure I reacted and then happily went back to playing. Was he making sure mommy was still alive?

One day while daddy was at work and mommy in bed, he politely dragged his diaper bag into the bedroom and waited for me to change him. Other times when the living room went quiet, I snapped my fingers (unable to talk as it made me more sick) and he would come. He must have been alert for sounds from me as well. What a good little boy.

A month later daddy was out running errands and mommy sat on the floor with her head on the couch and eyes closed. How does a one year old take care of his mommy? By stroking her hair, tapping her back, and leaning his warm body against hers while he drank his bottle or watched his movie letting her know he was there. And of course his favourite, crouching down to look up at her hidden face and poking her eyes making sure she still reacted. When bedtime neared and if daddy still wasn’t home, he’d climb up on the couch, lay his head close to mine and fell asleep. What a lucky mom I am.

Nearly 3 months have passed and I am up during the day. It didn’t take long for this one to realise mommy was no longer so weak and oh the hugs I have been smothered with! I love my son and grateful that he cares enough to help when mommy is sick. x

(note to the reader: my child is not perfect)


4 thoughts on “How a Little One Takes Care of His Mommy

  1. han är sa underbar, din lilla pojk! jag vet att han ändå känner din kärlek, även om du inte orkade krama honom lika mycket, som vanligt… barn e underbara pa alla satt! längtar efter att få träffa honom en dag! love you! xoxo!

  2. He loves you Nancy. All I get are sharp teeth on my arms and legs while im sleeping. He bites me hard. And yesterday he scratched my eye lids. I think he really wants to hurt me. At least he knows to love and respect girls already. (especially his mommy)

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