I Need That Now!

“I need a taco. And a plum. I need you to import some Hostess cupcakes and Chex Mix. Of course you can. Go to the mall and get a box of Lucky Charms. What’s more important, £6 or my happiness?  I want a sandwich with ham, cheese, and sweet chili sauce. Why isn’t there enough salty chips in this house? Are we out of vinegar already? Please don’t let McDonalds put another pickle on my burger! Tonight I’d like some steak. Did you hear me? I said TONIGHT WE ARE HAVING STEAK.”

Pregnancy cravings can be quite comical, in a serious way. With my first, I remember craving taco bell most nights (thank goodness we have one here now!) I wanted my high school cafeteria pizza (that was over 10 years ago!) And stroganoff. I’ve never eaten stroganoff before, but I wanted it. I couldn’t get enough milk. Beef was my main craving. For some nice beefy recipes, go here.

What crazy cravings did you have?


One thought on “I Need That Now!

  1. hey nancy congrats on number two.. i love reading your notebook! i craved salad and steak with aiden, and sherbert… and i swore that the mcdonalds fries cured anything, but only with the pointy tips taken off… noah, i just wanted red meat and candy… raw veggies with both was a huge craving…. nothing really odd… but i remember cravings being so intense that i would cry if i couldn’t get them, i remember needing sherbert so bad at work once and couldn’t get it that a nurse went to the store for me…. first trimester was always rough, but i hope you do not have to go through what i did with my secound pregnancy, i had morning sickness everyday till the day i delivered him… 6am everyday on the nose…. hope all is well, i think of you very often… you will always be so special to me… loves ya

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