Remind Me Why I Love This

Ethan giving Mommy a dirty look.

I have to be honest. I have to be, I am a terrible liar. Sometimes, my kid does my head in. Sometimes, I want to scream and run. Sometimes I should have more patience and feel guilty that I don’t. I have to be honest when I say, I’m a wuss at being a mom. And I only have one kid.

This one child of mine is a handful. I think so anyways. The past week and a half he’s not been well so it’s been more difficult. More sleepless nights. More of him clinging on to me. More crying and whining. I have to be more sympathetic. More compassionate. More patient. I know this.

The other day I was in the kitchen trying to get my breakfast and there he was again tugging at my pant leg whining. I looked at his face and bit back tears of frustration. I said to my husband, “I’m sorry, but we can’t have more kids. I cannot even imagine the difficulty of more than one sick kid!” My husband gave me a hug and reassured me it’ll be okay.

I came across a lovely message written by my cousin, Elena, on her blog. She dedicates a post to her youngest daughter. (Elena writes her blog in Swedish and English.)

A perfect read to remind myself why I love being a mom.


2 thoughts on “Remind Me Why I Love This

  1. Oh, Nancy, du är en underbar mamma!!!
    om jag love you so much, din son gör det 100 gng mer! längtar efter att få träffa dig om några dagar!! YiIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!! I am sooooooo happy!!!!!!! 🙂
    tack så mycket för länken till min blogg!! vad snäll du är, att du tycker att det var inspirerande! tack, min kära kusin! I LOVE you!!!!!!! du är 38789 gånger bättre, än du tror!! xxx

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