Meeting the Parents

My blog has been quiet while my real life has been hectic, in a good way.

Ethan’s grandparents from Ohio came to visit us here in England and it has been a ball! We have seen Cambridge, Windsor Castle, and most of London!

Did you ever wonder what your in-laws would be like? I reckon the thought has crossed all our minds at some point. Shaun and I agree that we are both lucky to have great families that have accepted us and love us and we love them too!

Highlights of the trip:

Ethan! (sorry pics of Ethan tend to be blurry, he squirms A LOT!)

Our two Moms meet! (Don’t they both look great?)

On a punt in Cambridge. There is something special about being on water… hmm, maybe because I’m always on land?

A kiss with the hubby! Sweetie, why don’t we have more pics like this? 😉

Leo came down from Sheffield to meet the extended family and we had a beautiful day in London. That looks like a serious camera.

Although I have lived in England for over 8 years, the architecture of old buildings ceases to amaze and inspire me. This is from the National History Museum.

This morning we had to say our last “see you laters” but it was sad to let go. Dear Eldonna, I bit back the tears but I was crying with you! xx

Experiences like the past ten days remind me how much families really are the core of our lives. How grateful I am to know that Ethan is so loved by his grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles and cousins. We travel around the world for our families and loved ones. We share all important events and holidays with them. Our closest friends can feel like family because we love them so much too. I want to be with my family forever. x


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