Nature Walk

The other day I put Ethan in my sling and we went outside for a walk. I wasn’t feeling well so I was walking VERY slow. So slow I was able to take notice of some beautiful things.

I walked past a patch of yellow flowers and noticed one had been separated from the rest. Don’t we sometimes feel alone like that?

On a normal walk, I stroll along the pavement checking my watch, lost in my thoughts. This day, Ethan and I stopped to touch the softness of the leaves on a bush. He was fascinated.

What is it about nature that we find so soothing? so inspiring? so peaceful?

Ethan loved touching the leaves, the branches, the flowers, the brick walls, the wooden fences, the trees. I loved watching his face investigate it all.

How precious these moments are, noticing the beauty of nature and sharing it with my son.

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