Good morning! As I lay sleepily in bed next to my still snoring baby, I got on my iPhone to see what was in the world. Have you heard of Desigual?

I first stumbled upon this really cool store when I was in Barcelona with my mom years ago. I bought a top (sorry I can’t show you, it’s packed away in storage) for a fairly good price. Soon after Desigual opened a massive store on Regent St in London, right up the road from Oxford St where I worked. Yay!  Desigual is said to be a Spanish street style kind of fashion. I love their coats, their collage way of displaying their clothes, and well, pretty much the entire 2010 collection! Their kidswear is supercool too!

One day at work, (years ago) a customer came in with THE COOLEST top ever. So of course I ask her where can I get one? Desigual! I hurried over a few days later, but sadly that top was not in my size. But I did find something else, this very cool halter. Is there a store that gets you excited? One that you center a shopping trip around? Would love to hear about it!







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