School Stuff

All over the web at the moment it seems back-to-school is on everyone’s agenda. The excitement of a kindergartner’s first day, the school supply list in hand as everyone goes shopping, the trolley filling up with colorful folders, binders, artboxes and a fresh backpack. Of course moms are looking forward to a few hours of peace yes? Not just kids are going back to school, GrownUp kids are going to college/university and I imagine they’re getting excited too.

I’m done with uni, and my kiddo is only 1 so I feel a bit left out. However, if I did have kids going off to school and if I were also going to uni what would I be up to? Hmmm. For the kids, I reckon after all the shopping, labelling and outfit choosing, I’d make a special breakfast on the morning of. Maybe Swedish scones topped with jam and slices of cheese? Or homemade granola with yogurt? Freshly squeezed orange juice?  Sounds like so much fun! I picture my kiddo wearing charming overalls or a cool hoodie on his first day of school. If I had a girl I’d want everything from this Tea Collection catalogue!

And if I were to re-enroll on a uni course, what would I wear this fall? Either a jumper dress or a casual tee, both worn with jeans. oh, and I love these two looks via Dsquared2 and Micheal Kors:

Clothing and shopping aside, there are lots of good things to say about going back to school and I’m sure my turn to pack lunches and run kids to school will come soon enough 🙂


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