Remembering What Is Important

How tidy is your house? If it’s no museum, feel good about yourself!

The other day I was sitting on the floor next to my son. Around us were toys and books everywhere. It was a mess. Should I have felt bad? Nope, quite the opposite! I was busy playing with my one year old all day, staying right next to him in hopes of avoiding anymore falls and bruises. The dishes piled up. The laundry had to wait. Evening was approaching and dinner was not ready, but my boy was safe and having a wonderful time laughing with mommy.

I came to the conclusion that if someone were to suddenly ring the doorbell and visit, I would hope to not be viewed as a negligent lazy mother, but rather a devoted one. Housework can wait, he is what matters now.


2 thoughts on “Remembering What Is Important

  1. i am totally agree with you! It is very important to prioritize what is important right now, the days when our children are so small as Ethan goes fast! Now I really miss those days! xxx

  2. Your house will eventually get cleaned, laundry does get done, but you don’t get to have the moments back!!! I want to know how time flies by so fast!!!!!!! My kids are way to Big!!!!!!!!!

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