Happy Housewife

The Housewife.

When I was working in my last job I remember telling my colleagues that the next “job” I wanted was to be a housewife. I would not have to worry about wearing makeup, a uniform, or being nice to rude people. Life would be grand.

It came true. I quit that job after being married almost a year and I became a housewife, and a mom. Does this picture FEEL familiar?

I would like to think that I don’t ask for much (as I hear my husband laughing) and that simple things make me happy. Like if people around me avoid my pet peeves 😉 hehehe

Honestly, in any occupation there are certain things that make us really happy. A good client, a bonus, air conditioning that works in summer, pens that work, etc. As a housewife there are things that make me happy at home too. Simple things. When there are no crumbs in the butter. Or butter in the microwave. When ALL appliances work. Or my baby has his nap and all is quiet. When my dinners and desserts come out perfect and my husband raves he married the best woman in the world (I’m blushing).

I love sewing and all things haberdashery, I don’t mind cleaning or laundry when I feel like it,  I love being home and watching my baby grow and witnessing all his ‘firsts’, I love aprons and cooking, I love baking and having dinner parties, I love family home evenings and family cuddles, I love that my husband is not bossy and I get lots of praise for my efforts, I love wearing what I want everyday and doing what I want and love everyday so this has to be the best career I’ve had so far. x

One thought on “Happy Housewife

  1. I love being a housewife too, Nancy! Like right now, at 3:44 P.M., I am reading your blog while eating potato chips and now I am going to take a nice hot bath. Because I can. Being a housewife is the greatest thing in the world.

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