The Dream I Couldn’t Escape

Someone was chasing me. I couldn’t see who it was, but I knew they were right behind me. I was running through a small colourful fishing town on the tops of fence posts. The fence ran along backyards and all the houses were a dark wood and looked old. The town was poor. I noticed everything red. Flowers, laundry hanging out to dry, curtains in windows, a woman’s scarf. Cats seemed to be everywhere. Jumping off rooftops, meowing as their tail waved goodbye, all kinds of cats.

I ducked under a fence and a little girl looked at me. She was wearing a polkadot dress and holding a doll. I could hear myself panting as I kept running. The sky was getting darker as I was nearing the end of town. People were now no where.

The fence that had lined the small town was gone and I stood facing a beach. The fog made it impossible to see an escape route. In my dream I suddenly realised that it was just a dream. I stood on the beach facing the water, looked up at the sky and remembered that I was actually asleep and my sister was next to me. I started shouting her name. Emma! Emma! Wake up! I saw her face and knew she was in a dream of her own. I desperately tried to consciously make my arm hit her. But my body wouldn’t move. Emma! Wake up! I wanted to cry. I felt helpless, stuck in a scary dream and couldn’t wake myself up from it. Trapped in my subconscious!

I suddenly remembered Emma wasn’t the only one who was always there for me. I had Shaun. Shaun! Shaun! Help me! I cried out as loud as I could in my dream. I knew no matter what Shaun would never let me down. Shaun! Shaun! Then I heard his voice say my name. Nancy? I was full of relief and joy. Hearing his voice made me feel safe from the person chasing me. Everything would be okay because I had him closeby. The fog started disappearing and I woke up.

I have never had a dream where I knew it was just a dream and I wanted it to end but couldn’t wake up. I really was frightened! Sometimes I think dreams can symbolise something significant. My epiphany was that Shaun would always be there for me, I could trust him, and with him, everything will always be okay.


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