Experiencing the World

In my younger years, it seemed most of my friends were married, had been married or were getting married. I didn’t have a man to fill my days with excitement and love so I decided to travel. This beautiful fountain lies in the heart of Barcelona, Spain.

While living in Sweden, me and an American family drove down to Copenhagen. I remember visiting lots of museums, learning about Vikings and eating delicious bread. And yes, there were bikes EVERYWHERE!

Ah, Chinatown in Toronto. My favorite place to shop! I’ve been there twice 🙂

This is the CN Tower in Toronto. We had a beautiful view overlooking the city and beyond. The best part was the FOOD!!! The best best best best best best meal I have ever eaten in my whole life. If were a rich girl, I’d eat there all the time.

One summer a girlfriend and I went to Greece, a little place called Corfu. I will never forget the delicious giros and sirloin steak so good I still crave it. The people that live there are the nicest ever. During one afternoon we bought some strawberries and sat by the road enjoying the quiet beautiful scenery. The old man and his wife who lived in the house nearby brought out chairs! Yassou!

This is the Duomo in Milan. I saw it in the moonlight and it took my breath away. Italy was just beautiful everywhere. Even the night sky seemed different! I sat outside of the main train station, a place that reminded me of big open palaces, on a bench just admiring the scene. I was in Italy! And I must say, they have the best ham ever.

After I turned in my dissertation for my BA, I packed my bags and headed straight to Turkey! The water stole my heart here. I stood thigh deep in the water and saw the bottom perfect. All the rocks and plants and fish. Nevermind that I’m short, the water was crystal clear! And I’m a sucker for palm trees. I heart Turkey.

Living in Sweden, of course I have been to Stockholm many times, and at one point lived there for a few months. If I were to be honest, it was in Stockholm, in a little restaurant known only to the locals, I ate the best meatballs! Discovering delicious food is the highlight of any trip.

And this is the city I live in, kind of. The train takes me there in a quick 20 minutes. London, the place to shop, look glamourous,  and ride on the underground. It’s been exciting.

I’m grateful for the opportunities I have had to see some of the world and appreciate the beauty each has to offer. I hope to continue to travel with my family one day. But for now, I must tend to the crying baby….


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