Glamour Mom


I swept my dark hair up into a sleek updo held by ebony pins and made shiny with gloss. Was feeling pretty good until later that day my baby kept grabbing the hair underneath and pulling it out in front of everyone. Note to self: bring spare pins.

Flowy silk lace wrapped around my body in a lovely dress with ruffles round the neckline. Looks great with my 3 inch heels but please ignore that huge baby drool stain on my shoulder.

Black smouldering eyeshadow with glittery gold gives a glamourous smokey look to any woman’s eyes. Hopefully it will distract from the bloodshot and teary eyes of a sleep deprived, super emotional new mom.

Dark denim and bright stitching of flared designer jeans worn to compliment the curves of a womanly shape. That fashionable rip near the ankle marks the unforgettable event of a tempramental baby with new teeth.

Custom ordered marquise diamond placed in a unique design on white gold band given to me by my fiance. It represents love and promises of love no matter what. Now worn on hands that constantly works with nappies, baby milk, butt cream, and everything in between.

Fresh and flirty perfume once lured in a man and made him dream of late nights and romance. The same perfume has new assignment: cover and distract smells from leaked breastmilk, baby sweat, and poopy nappies.


I titled this post “Glamour Mom” but most of the time I honestly feel like a frump! Am I the only one who thinks, ‘why do I bother?’ I just hope that all these mommy quirks can somehow be charming and looked on with humour. 🙂


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