Clothes in my Closet

Each peice of clothing in my closet tells a story.

Clothes that hold dear memories are kept and cherished forever. I have a skirt that is beige with big maroon roses I bought at Gabes with my friends Amy and Kim when we were teenagers. That skirt is over a decade old and I love it and wear it. The perfect vintage peice that reminds me of good times with good friends.

I used to be a shopaholic.

I am every retailer’s ideal customer: easily sold! Why? A lifetime of low self esteem and clothes are my cure. If I have THAT, then I’ll be pretty. If I have THIS, then I’ll be confident. If I wore IT tomorrow, then my life would be better.  The new clothes get me excited for new adventures I’ll be having while wearing them. I love mixing new with old, designer with bargain, and lots of layers to add color and personality.

My clothes and I have a relationship. I respect them and take care of them. If memories go sour, they get thrown out. If they get lost or destroyed, I miss them. Clothes shouldn’t, but they define me. Or at least I feel they do.

Much has changed since becoming a mom. I am no longer a shopaholic. I am less attached to my dribbled on, spit up on, pooped on, spilled on and stained clothes. But memories are still being remembered with the clothes I wear so not everything has changed. 🙂

Do you have clothes that remind you of special events or people in your life?


2 thoughts on “Clothes in my Closet

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