Roads in Life

Looking back at what has happened in our life to make us laugh, make us think, make us cry and sometimes wonder “is this really my life?”

When I was about 17 years old I got my first present from a boy [who
was not my brother]. A ‘Buns of Steel’ aerobic VHS. Ha! I thought it
was great! My bum toned up and I went down a trouser size that spring!

In my 19th year my family drove out to Utah for an uncles wedding and on our way back home to Ohio, the old van mom was driving decided it had had enough. At a rest area the engine caught on fire and we and everyone else there ran to the other side of the building. We heard the explosion. The windows blow. We lost A LOT due to overpacking. However, no one was injured. And if we didn’t learn any lessons from that experience, then we lost everything.

At 21 I lived by myself in a flat in Sweden and for the first time in
my life I was really alone. My older brother in Canada, my other
brother in England, and the rest of the family in Ohio. The apartment
was full of quiet. I played CDs of conference talks to fill the space
with a voice. And often as I sat at the dinner table, my heart ached.
I missed my family, I missed my home, and I missed how easy it used to
be to smile.

Looking back at my life I can honestly say I only have very few
regrets. I wish I saved more and shopped less. I wish I had bought a
wedding dress with 2 numbers instead of 4. That’s about it. I’m
grateful for all that happens because I hope it builds character. With
each trial I experience, I can relate to more people. My words would
be genuine when I say, “I understand”. I’m grateful for all the silly
things that still make me laugh. And how lucky am I to have
opportunities to learn some of lifes greatest lessons!

A reminder of the bigger picture:

The Weaver

My life is but a weaving between my Lord and me,
I cannot choose the colors He worketh steadily.

Oft times He weaveth sorrow, and I in foolish pride
forget He sees the upper but I the under side.

Not till the loom is silent and the shuttles cease to fly,
shall God unroll the canvas and explain the reason why.

The dark threads are as needed in the Weaver’s skillful hand,
as threads of gold and silver in the pattern life has planned.


2 thoughts on “Roads in Life

  1. våra prövningar gör oss starka! det är så sant! tråkigt dock att du kände dig “completely alone” här i Sverige, det gör mig så ledsen!!! fast jag förstår vad du menar! kramar!

  2. Yes! I understand!!! Thank you for your wonderful words. You have such talent to put emotions and feelings and thoughts into beautiful words!!

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