Being A Mom

A friend of mine has asked everyone who blogs to share a mom story. Hmmm…. so many.

I will share MOM moments.

Ethan has recently been trying to roll away off his changing mat as I am changing his nappy. He actually laughs as I roll him back in place and just to make things even better he loves to grab himself down there spreading the mess!

It was really hot out and I decided to leave Ethan in just his nappy. Soon, he managed to undo his nappy and roll out of it! I did not get upset, instead I was fully convinced my baby is a genius 🙂

Naptimes are always something to talk about. I had just laid Ethan in his crib thinking he had fallen asleep making his usual noises as he drifts off to sleep. We have to pat him on his back or bum until hes in deep sleep. I kept patting patting and patting, I noticed his eyes were straining to stay closed. I stopped patting and he whined. I patted and he was quiet. I stopped and he whined and in my mind I am thinking he is faking it and how cheeky! This is not a baby spa kiddo! I started giggling and he peeked! He then started giggling with me. The kid was not ready for naptime afterall! He was just chilling! Cheeky!

These are my Ethan kisses!

Ethan loves TV!

He even has his favorite shows we record for him. The last couple of weeks he has shown that he knows the remote in my hand is connected to the TV! As soon as I pick up the remote, he looks over at the TV and waits for it to come on! On days when Shaun and I watch our shows, Ethan gets fussy until we put the children’s channel back on and he’s a happy bug again!

Being a mom is not easy but somehow those giggles and cuddles and slobbery kisses make it all feel wonderful and worth it.


3 thoughts on “Being A Mom

  1. So Awesome!! Ethan is a doll!! And being a mom is hard most days but rewarding every day!! Thanks for the post!!!!!!!

  2. So those things are a part of him now, eh? Chillin’, kisses, TV, playing. Didn’t you once mention he was groovin’ to some guitar tunes Shaun was playing. Does he have any interest in sports yet? Maybe too young at the moment. I’m looking forward to when he can actually work on throwing, catching, running.

  3. Nancy- That little Ethan is the cutest! You look amazing too! I think that is awesome that you had Ethan naturally. Is that more common in the UK? I am excited to give it a try but I must admit, I’m a little nervous too. Any great tips for delivering a baby naturally? I hear relaxation is the name of the game.

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