a Confession: more Compassion, less Complaining


Recently I have been coming to terms with what kind of person I portray myself to be. Like a wake up call. There is a saying, “Your words reveal what is in your heart.” I want a good heart and I want people to know that, but they won’t if I am a negative person. So how did I get to be this way? Struggles of course but I do believe the challenges in our lives are meant to strengthen our character, not vice versa. However I recognise that sometimes we are pushed to our limits but it is necessary.

Who starts a conversation complaining? Me! Why? Because I know that the person I am talking to can complain about the same thing therefore touching common ground. I do not want to be this way anymore. I want compassion to fill my heart. I want people to want to be around me because I make them feel good through my positivity and optimism. A goal that needs much work at the moment.

Does anyone else find negativity a burden?

On facebook, that grand social network, I am finding so much B—-ing in people’s statuses that it gets me down. Are we all coming out of a global winter depression? Was mankind always this way? Do we all need therapy? Maybe the people complaining think they are the only ones doing it.

If there is one thing we all have in common as a human race is that we are all facing and overcoming troubles. Let us be compassionate towards each other.

We often get told that someone else has it worse and we should be grateful. Do you ever roll your eyes and think, ‘yeah yeah I know.’ But really, we have much to be grateful for. Someone once said, if you get on your knees and thank God for all your blessings, you’ll be surprised how long you stay there.

How quick are we to complain about others and slow to own up to our own weaknesses and faults? Universal but forgotten truth: no one is perfect!

I believe that as we individually make effort to do more acts of kindness and say more kind things to people and about people, our hearts will more easily fill with compassion. Our eyes will be more open to see the good in people.

Let the innocence of our children be a reminder of all that is good.


2 thoughts on “a Confession: more Compassion, less Complaining

  1. Completely agree. I definitely believe that to find out what is in someone’s heart, you just need to listen to what they say. Since they reveal what is in their mind and heart through their words. The language and communication we use can be very powerful.
    I wish people look for opportunities to praise people rather than tear them down. When you tear somebody down, you go down with them. You dig your own pit. When you build somebody up, you rise with them. Positive labeling ought to happen more frequently! It’s important when we communicate that we raise the level of esteem of the person we’re communicating with. Communications become the essence of your power to influence and strengthen others. I hope I can be a force for good and people never feel down when they are with me but rather happy and strengthened by being with me. Our positivity is contagious. And we need more of it in the world and you and everyone can contribute to it. =D

  2. So true Nancy.
    I think we all feel like that.

    It makes me feel horrible when I say ‘horrible’ things, and in turn when I act kindly, I feel like a better person; so perhaps even if this is selfishly, me wanting to feel better…Or like a better person, At least more people I encounter come off better.

    Kirstiie xx

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