Embrace Womanhood

Womanhood is only as beautiful as one is willing to see.  The gentleness, the courage, the nurturing, the determined. Vulnerable in the arms of a lover. Unconquerable as she holds a child’s hand.

Too honest to pretend, in her eyes emotions are seen but often misunderstood.

In her eyes, find her life, her dreams and all she fears. Watch her eyes as she watches the world around her. Her eyes will speak a language of their own. Listen, and you will unveil her soul.

Her lips feel alive through conversation, laughter, and the pleasure of spices. They witness her salty tears and criticise her deepest insecurities. Sincerity, or none, can be felt in a lovers kiss. Look at her lips and feel the kindness she gives as she shares her advice, her warnings, and her encouragement.

Her shoulders hold her head up while others try to push her down. She carries the uncomforted and shares their grief. Her lover caresses her shoulder, smooth skin contrasting to his ruggedness. The curves are familiar, and everywhere is a memory. The scar, the freckle, the pale skin. It is beautiful because it is hers.

A woman can find peace and inspiration from a field of flowers to the curves of one flower’s petal.

She is a diamond refined through and by generations of other women. She completes the circle of life. Bears the pain and carries the child, in her womb and then her arms. Her body will change, her mind will be wisened, her spirit strengthened.

Look in the eyes of a woman and see the beauty she carries in her heart.


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