Cold Hearted October

Feelings of warmth, when held by another,

Shivering from cold when not together.

An ignited fire has lost its flame,

Forgotten promises, a faint memory of a name.

Shattered dreams caused by icy words,

My ‘I love yous’ were never heard.

No tears cried or emotions shown,

Until his return, my love remains unknown.


If you could hear my voice, I’d say I love you.

Look into my eyes and see I speak truth.

If you were next to me, I’d stroke your face,

Run away with you anywhere, any place.

If my arms could reach I’d take your hand,

My knees feel weak but I can still stand.

If I could have one wish it would be,

To have you this moment beside me.

If I had a choice, I’d be there,

Away from all this, it’s just not fair.

If I could have things my way,

I’d convince you to come back and promise to stay.

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