This Hair

(pretend this photo is from a vintage magazine)

Each morning when you style your hair do you just see hair or more? Certain hairstyles flash memories through my mind. A feathered cut reminds me of my first day of school at a new high school as a sophomore.  A sleeked updo reminds me of senior year prom where my date was very late! Long hair reminds me of when I first arrived in Sweden. Highlights remind me of my holiday in Greece. Layers reminds me of when my husband and I got engaged in Toronto.

I remember once telling a guy to play with my hair and he literally PLAYED with my hair and making it a mess with lots of knots! I also remember rolling my eyes at his immaturity!

I remember having a nanny job where a five year old loved to style hair. He brushed it and tried to make it look nice for my boyfriend who was coming over later that evening. When my boyfriend showed up he looked at me and started laughing. I was trying to get him to pay me compliments so the little boy would feel happy! He was such a sweet kid!

I remember in middle school always cutting my own fringe (or bangs) and my little sister watching me. One day she tried to do it on herself. She was about five years old and her bangs looked more like a spiky bush!

One of my favorite things about being with my husband is how he scratches my head. My hair gets real messy but its so relaxing and feels so good!

I’d say the best thing about getting a haircut at the salon is the scalp massage when they wash your hair.

At the moment my hair is always being grabbed and pulled out! by my 8-month old and I swear if he doesn’t stop soon I will have a bald spot!

Hair. Memories of girly sleepovers, hair disasters, romantic moments, spa visits, summer highlights and being drenched in rain.

Do you have favorite hair memories?


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