Years ago I lived in a flat with my older brother. We had no TV back then so we often just talked, a lost form of entertainment to many. One particular evening we spoke of our future and possible ways to build our ’empires’ of wealth. Nearly six years later with 2 university degrees done and what have I learned? One key word: MOTIVATION. Without that, talents go rusty, ambitions forgotten, vision gets blurred and that empire remains unbuilt.

I have notebooks that log all of my creative ideas and designs, they’re just waiting to be executed. BUT I am a mom and my focus has to be in the right place. So in the meantime I keep adding to these notebooks and love looking at photos of beautiful artwork.

Like this quilt and all its originality and creative details.

This tree makes me think of cherry blossoms on a chinese dress.

This jumper accompanied with that lacey top is both casual and feminine and subtley sexy.

This tree makes me think of cherry blossoms on a chinese dress.

Anything that inspires, will motivate me to still pursue those ambitions that will help me build that empire. Wealth is not necessarily money, wealth can be the satisfaction that my ideas did not go to waste. I sit here typing this with nothing more than just hope and notebooks.


One thought on “Ambitions

  1. Well. I guess that’s what we all need: hope, ambition and persistence. And success seems to take time and money.
    Boy, you know, in terms of talking, is seems like it’s an eroding art. What’s up with that? Like closure to conversations. Or in a middle of a conversation, a mobile phone has to come up to check on texts as if life depended on it. Or are my conversations boring? Maybe I need to get on it.

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