My Top 10 Marriage Lessons

In life we go through chapters where we learn about ourselves and about life. Being married isn’t just a chapter, it’s a whole book documenting the rest of my life. I have not been married very long (just over 2 years) but these are my top ten lessons I have learned:

1. “Sorry” gets said A LOT.

2. Sharing is not always easy.

3. Definitions and interpretations of LOVE will often differ.

4. Family is your life, everything else is just background noise. Keep perspective.

5. No matter what, be yourself.

6. Men do not change, but women do.

7. Do whatever makes you happy. If I am happy, then my husband is too.

8. Balance between self/mother/wife feels impossible yet crucial for sanity.

9. Now that I have someone, I can’t be without him because we BELONG together.

10. It feels like it was always this way: my husband, me and our son. We were just apart for a short while but now we are together forever. X


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