My Dream Home

Everyone has an idea of their dream home, including me. So far, my favorite house I’ve ever seen is the big one in the movie Italian Job. I want privacy and lots of stone and greenery. On the inside I want a door to my kitchen. A separate laundry room in the finished basement. Wood floors. Lots of closets full of fluffy blankets, soft bed linens and colorful quilts. Table cloths for every occasion. Christmas curtains. Fresh herbs lined on my kitchen window sill. An island in the kitchen. A pantry full of shelves stacked with my favorite foods and a freezer full of meat and ice cream. A cupboard devoted to chocolate only. I want a room that branches off from the master suite that is for personal pleasure, a hide-away. I want a dining room and table big enough to host 20 people. I want a chair for my husband that can be his and a chair for me that is mine. And a  loveseat to cuddle. For my kids I want a play room where they can get really creative and a backyard they can be active. A tree with a swing. A backporch and a front porch to chill out. It sounds like a lot but I know it is out there and I hope one day this dream can come true.


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