Part of the creative writing process is rewriting an idea or scene. In my previous post about Spain, I don’t think I captured the visual I had wanted. I mentioned too many things when really I wanted to describe one picture. Like looking at a photograph.

Imagine a palm tree small enough to wrap its leaves around two human lovebirds, like arms hugging. Around the tree is perfectly mowed, crayola green grass that sits like a blanket underneath the couple. A gentle breeze blows the girl’s fringe away from her face, revealing a giggly affectionate love for her partner. His arms are wrapped around a very used guitar, fingers plucking a melody. His eyes look down shyly as he begins to sing Spanish words, soft like a whisper, exclusive for her hearing. As I catch a glimpse of this scene, and imprint it permanently in mind, I swear that palm tree is in the shape of a heart. 

PS after seeing this in Spain I was even more sure I would marry a guitarist myself one day!


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