Impressed Image

Beach. Waves. Trees. Statues. Grass. Waterfall. Stone steps. KFC. Balcony. Cobblestone. Guitarist. Sun. Mom. Artifacts. Flowers.

I have no proof that I was in Spain. I took no pictures, bought only four small souvenirs, two of which were postcards, but I was there. With my mom. It was the UK Mother’s Day 2005 and we flew to Barcelona for the weekend. The first day we headed straight to the beach, despite the cold weather, we sat there in our coats listening to the waves for over an hour. I have no idea what my mom was thinking but her expression showed real content and I was glad to have brought her. Its amazing how listening to water clears your head. Water cleans and clears your body and mind. Although we were in Spain, we chose KFC for dinner. The next day was the best ever. With my library borrowed Barcelona tourist book in hand, we walked over an hour away from the Las Ramblas and found THE park. The one I will never forget. Plus perfect green grass, a romantic mini palm tree shading a guitarist playing to his girl, trees everywhere, flowers and beautiful bushes. Sunshine welcoming spring. The atmosphere was surreal. Kids kicking a hackey sack laughing and joking in Spanish. A couple holding hands, the breeze blowing the girl’s hair out of her face. Around the other side of the park was a stone sculpture at the top of very worn stone steps and there we stood amongst the crowd watching a waterfall. Water cascading into a small pond, the droplets glisten like floating diamonds. The greenery and stone all around the perfect accompaniment. As I sit here and think back to those events and images I just want to go back. I have to go back. My excuse? I need proof.


One thought on “Impressed Image

  1. Barcelona is a wonderful city and I to want to go back. Loved the beach and the parks, but also the buildings, the market places and the ceramic store where I got my little holder for toothpicks. Wanted to buy a large vase for flowers, but Nancy was laughing about how I would have to hold it in my arms on the trip back……………..

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