In the Works

Although I have only written a few posts, I know I mentioned that there is a novel in the making. Truth is, here I am a year and a half later with little progress since that post. Should I give up? This project has been  in the back of my head for years. I have had about 20 or more different ideas of how to approach the story. Am I the only one who is this bad? I will follow through and one day it will be finished! I have hope. In fact, once I am done with this post, I am logging onto Word!


3 thoughts on “In the Works

  1. Keep it up! It is hard but, you will do it!!!! Like anything- it takes time, hard work, faith, and endurance! I believe in you!!!!

  2. I love your blog!
    You have such a way with words.

    I love the thought behind the ‘love is no longer a red heart drawn with a crayon’ sentence. God, that’s a beautiful sentence.

    Good for you girl! Carry on with the blog!

    Kirstiie xx

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